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Renovating Old Real Estate The Winning Equation! achievements

Appartement lyonnais rénové par Un Palmier Dans LaCour

Here are examples of apartments and houses renovated by our teams for rental investments or residences. 

Renovated with our partner craftsmen, experts in old buildings,
they have found a second life, mixing the soul of the old with contemporary comfort.  

Beyond highlighting the volumes through very thoughtful arrangements,
we are particularlyvigilant for their necessary restoration
for reasons of comfort but also of rental or heritage value. 

For rental investments, in addition to photos,
you will find the key figures, purchase price, amount of work, and profitability. 

Renovated with our partner artisans, experts in old buildings, they have found a second life, blending the soul of the past with contemporary comfort. Beyond enhancing the spaces with highly optimized layouts, we are particularly attentive to improving their energy performance, essential for their heritage value, especially when it comes to resale and rental value.

For rental investment projects, in addition to photos, you will find key figures such as purchase price, renovation costs, and profitability.

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