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Our team
Equally experienced in real estate
as they are in renovation.

A Palm Tree In The Courtyard was born 8 years ago.

At first, passionate about real estate and decoration, we were looking for real estate investment goods

for loved ones who want to delegate to "someone they trust".

Then the projects went on, after the friends came the friends of friends,

then customers in France, then beyond borders.

Our pride is their loyalty…. a way away from the creation of a traditional real estate agency.


Our team has also grown: it now has 120 years of professional experience in complementary universes, cultivates loyal customers and shares the same taste and the same different outlook for real estate.


Isabelle Ravachol


In another life, Isabelle was marketing manager in large groups. It designed loyalty programs or redesigned the interior layout of trains. With her, the passion for apartments, houses, and even more decoration is in her family genes. Whatever the city where she is, if she goes past a real estate agency, she can't help but do some window shopping…. She puts her energy at the service of your project and manages it with requirement and determination. His strong points: his knowledge of Paris, district by district, and his years of experience in the 3 trades of the agency.

Véronique Postma

Véronique & Juliette 

One was born in Lyon, the other fell in love with it 15 years ago.

They have worked for more than 20 years as executives in large groups with expertise in sales and marketing.

But what makes them get up in the morning is the pleasure of finding a place where one would like to live, of revealing its full potential by its decoration or simply by a better arrangement, of finding the person who will feel good there .

They decided to open a Dans La Cour palm tree in Lyon together to pamper the Lyonnais!   - -




Virginie has been a film producer for 15 years. The projects to be carried out from start to finish by circumventing all the difficulties were his daily life (it is his business - his great talent). She is never short of ideas and solutions. From her previous life in cinema, she also keeps this look and this requirement. Virginie knows better than anyone how to help you project yourself in the goods she presents to you. She likes to project everyone's story in a place that tells and looks like him.


Stéphane Postma


She is a real hunter! Her flair comes from her years spent as a casting director for television. Her talent is also her network: she knows an infinite number of real estate agents. Thanks to this, she knows how to always be the first on opportunities. She finds the argument that hits the mark so that your file is the one that is retained. Passionate, methodical and tenacious, she will surely find the nugget of your dreams.

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