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Rental Investment

Renovation of an old apartment for rental investment

For over 12 years, we have specialized in transforming properties in need of renovation for our clients' rental investments.

For them, we search for potential properties, renovate them, furnish them, and find the first tenant.

Old properties offer three major advantages that are very important for the performance of a rental investment:

  • They often occupy the best locations in the market.

  • Properties in need of renovation provide excellent buying opportunities.

  • By blending the charm of the old with contemporary comfort, it allows us to create "heartwarming" apartments that perform exceptionally well in terms of rent and resale.

From the property search to its renovation, complete furnishing, and the placement of the first tenant, we accompany you at every step.


We define with you the goods corresponding to your financial contribution and your tax situation. We support you in developing your budget, with when possible, a self-financing project.


We are looking for properties at the best price taking into account the supposed development of the neighborhood and the potential for resale. We can represent you whenever you want in all the procedures and at the signature at the notary.

23 rue des Artistes à Paris

We renovate the property and we furnish it

We transform volumes, bypass constraints to make them real assets.

We select the furniture, both solid and at the right price, to create the right atmosphere and combine the right colors.

We are designing a decoration that will position the rent in the high range of the market and thus optimize profitability.

We work with contractors selected for their skills and price, but we can also work with the contractor of your choice.


Transformation of an appartment for a rental investment in Paris by the agency Un Palmier Dans La Cour."

We set up the first tenant

Once renovated, renting is no more than a breeze ... and allows you to be demanding on the choice of your tenant!

We enhance the apartment with photos taken by a professional photographer and write and then broadcast the advertisement on the most suitable real estate websites. We provide visits, pre-selection of tenants, drafting of documents (lease, inventory, etc.)

We only select solvent tenants with sufficient guarantees.

Renovation A Palm Tree in the Yard

A simple price , without surprise, and among the cheapest on the market

For an apartment whose purchase price is less than € 500,000 the full service is € 15,500 including tax.


Excluding the amount of the works themselves and furniture

For a property over 500,000 €, contact us


The service includes: the definition of the project, the search for the apartment, and the coordination of the renovations and complete redevelopment, and finally the rental.


Transformation of a studio for a rental investment in Paris by the agency Un Palmier Dans La Cour.
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