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Real estate hunting
Discovering hidden renovation gems!

Lyon real estate building

Les properties that need renovation can unveil real gems: their locations, often close to city centers, and the charming character of their structures can reveal significant potential for a heartfelt investment. They can then offer excellent performance in terms of rental and resale.

However, uncovering the best market opportunities requires:

  • Time, often incompatible with your schedule.

  • Experience to visualize the potential to exploit.

We dedicate our time to you by conducting all the research and initial property visits on your behalf, and we can represent you in every step of the process.

You benefit from our expertise in real estate and renovation, as we have renovated and either rented or sold more than 40 properties for our clients. We know how to spot the hidden potential in a run-down and poorly laid out property or the solutions to address an energy-deficient wreck. We also assist you in assessing the feasibility and cost of renovations to secure your purchasing decision.

Additionally, we have significant experience in assisting foreign clients.

We search for you.

Trust us with your search; on average, it takes us 4 to 6 weeks to find a property (compared to over 4 months for an individual). We work with you to compile a complete list of search criteria, carefully identifying the ones that are essential to you. Our role also includes guiding you if your search is not realistic or doesn't align with the market. You only pay our fees upon purchasing the property, with no upfront costs involved.​

No property escapes us.

Our tools allow us to scan all properties in real-time. The most interesting properties often sell after just a few visits. Thanks to our network and our in-depth knowledge of the Parisian or Lyonnais real estate context, we can be the first to visit. You only visit the properties that match your criteria.

From the search to the final signature, we accompany you at every step.

Advice on financing, property selection, consideration of renovation when necessary, and support throughout all the steps until the signing of the sales contract. Our availability and responsiveness remain the same from start to finish.

Our real estate hunting fees

Simple, without knowledgerprise, and among the cheapest on the market 

€7,500 including tax for all property less than €350,000, 2% beyond.

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