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You would like to have your property evaluated

The basis of a solid real estate project is a realistic evaluation.

Our estimation process is based on an advanced approach, usingthe best statistical tools on the market.

We clet's compare your property to equivalent properties sold in the last 5 years and those currently for sale.

The assessment also includesthe optimization potential by works, with aaccurate cost estimate associated with these improvements.

At A Palm Tree In The Courtyard,our commitment is to provide an accurate estimate, based on up-to-date data, to maximize the profitability of the sale of your main residence.


Trust our expertise forstrategic and optimized evaluation of your real estate.


Old apartment transformed by a palm tree in the courtyard

I would like a free evaluation of my property


Paris 06 23 45 67 89

Lyon 06 05 07 13 83


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