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Our Expertise : Properties in Need of Renovation

Old house completely renovated in St Didier au Mont D'or

At Un Palmier Dans La Cour, we have developed a dual expertise in real estate and renovation that has proven itself for 12 years to showcase the potential of properties in need of renovation and sell them at the best price.

Les logements construits avant 1975 posent des défis uniques.

Défis en matière d'Agencement : souvent agencés avec de petites pièces,  ils nécessitent souvent des transformations pour s’adapter au style de vie contemporain,

Défis en terme de Performance Energétique : avant 1975, la performance énergétique n'était pas une préoccupation, c'est ce qui explique que beaucoup d'entre eux, en particulier les maisons individuelles, sont classées en passoires énergétiques ( DPE F ou G). 


Ces biens anciens, appréciés pour leur excellent emplacement et leur âme particulière, sont souvent achetés pour être rénovés. Pour envisager leur achat, les clients ont besoin de réponses concrètes sur les possibilités d’amélioration, les contraintes et et les coûts des travaux.


C'est toute la force de notre agence qui développe depuis 12 ans une double compétence de vente immobilière et de rénovation et accompagne avec efficacité nos client sur ces projets immobiliers complexes : 

  • Nous savons identifier les possibilités qu'offre chaque bien ancien, aidant ainsi vendeurs et acheteurs à envisager toutes les potentialités.

  • Nous accompagnons nos clients dans la visualisation des transformations possibles, y compris en proposant des plans adaptés lorsque cela est pertinent.

  • Conseiller sur les meilleures pratiques en matière d'efficacité énergétique pour améliorer le DPE.

  • Évaluer le budget nécessaire pour réaliser vos projets de rénovation.

Selling well begins with knowing the property to be sold perfectly

We take the time to know your property inside out: its layout, its diagnosis, its location, its orientation.

We develop a comprehensive assessment of its strengths, limitations, and potential.

To make your sale a complete success, our support includes the following services:

  • Property valuation

  • A technical visit to analyze the property's characteristics, especially energy-related

  • Professional photos

  • Depending on the potential for improvement, a before/after plan and the budget for renovations

  • Multi-network communication (websites, listings, social media)

  • In the case of an Energy Performance Certificate (DPE) rating of F or G, we study the best energy strategy to implement before selling or explain to buyers to facilitate their purchasing decision.

Entrance of a townhouse on Boulevard de Belges.
Living room with view on garden

Valuation is a strategic step.

Our estimation process is based on an advanced approach, using the best statistical tools in the market.

We compare your property to equivalent properties sold in the last 5 years and those currently for sale. The evaluation also includes the potential for optimization through layout or insulation work, based in part on its Energy Performance Certificate (DPE) score, with a precise estimate of the cost associated with these improvements.

The cross-analysis of these three criteria allows us to assess the value in a factual and realistic manner, positioning your property at the most effective price. This ensures not only the right price for you but also a consistent marketing duration.

Unveiling the architectural potential of your property

Our photos are all taken by professional photographers who bring out the soul of the place and its neighborhood.

Without disrupting the interior of the properties, we reveal their character by highlighting their strengths, with a deliberate attention to detail.

When we identify potential for optimization in the layout of your property, we create plans and estimate the cost of work that will capture a wider target audience and facilitate their purchasing decision

Living room by Un Palmier Dans La Cour.
Bedroom renovated by Un Palmier dans la cour

Guidance on energy-efficient renovation

We collaborate with diagnostic agencies to provide buyers with a clear inventory and work solutions to achieve a satisfactory Energy Performance Certificate (DPE). This step has become essential for properties classified as F or G, known as 'energy sieves,' which can concern buyers but can offer real opportunities with the right renovation strategy.

Implementing effective communication.

Because nowadays, the search for buyers always starts with the Internet, the choice of listing sites and the proper use of social networks are crucial: your property must be seen by all potential buyers, but overly broad exposure devalues your property. We select the most appropriate websites for impactful visibility.

Living room of a Parisian apartment renovated by Un Palmier Dans La Cour.
Entrance of a Lyon apartment renovated by Un Palmier Dans La Cour.

The visit.

A crucial moment. Your future buyer needs to be guided, listened to, reassured, especially in the case of a property in need of renovation or with an Energy Performance Certificate (DPE) rating of F or G: Our perfect knowledge of the property, coupled with our experience in renovation, allows us to respond accurately to each of their questions.

We remain by your side until the final signature

Visit reports, great availability, end-to-end advice to ultimately be certain of selecting the right buyer who offers the best guarantees.

Living room of an apartment Villa du parc

Our real estate sales fees.

Straightforward, no surprises, and among the most affordable on the market.

3.5% of the property's value including taxes

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