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Appartement parisien rénové par Un Palmier Dans La Cour

Real Estate Agency Specialist in Properties to Renovate Paris & Lyon

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Welcome to
Un Palmier Dans La Cour,
Sales and Transformation of Properties to Renovate in Paris and Lyon

Nous accompagnons les projets immobiliers sur Paris et la région de Lyon

We are not a traditional real estate agency. As enthusiasts of houses and apartments to transform, we have specialized in their sale and renovation. With 12 years of experience and over 40 renovations, our teams have become as skilled in real estate as they are in renovation. We accompany your projects for primary or secondary residences and rental investments by envisioning a second life for properties with strong potential.

Chambre d'un appartement parisien rénové par Un Palmier Dans La Cour

A real estate agency that is equally proficient in real estate as it is in renovation, what does that change?

To sell, buy, or renovate an old or slightly dated house or apartment successfully, having the right diagnosis and knowledge of solutions is essential:

We envision the potential: We know how to envision the full potential of a house or apartment and can project the transformation that will bring out its charm, comfort, and rental or heritage value.

We identify constraints: We can detect technical and administrative constraints that determine the feasibility, duration, and cost of the work. This enables the most effective value enhancement strategy for both sales and renovation.

We provide personalized support: We accompany each project with before/after plans, allowing our clients to concretely visualize their future home. This is often a decisive asset for sales.

We study the most effective energy strategy: In the face of energy challenges and based on Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), we guide our clients toward the best energy performance strategy. This becomes crucial, especially for properties classified with EPC ratings of F or G.

Cuisine d'un appartement parisien rénové par Un Palmier Dans La Cour

Our services to support your project

House renovated by Un Palmier Dans La Cour in Lyon

The sale, Our expertise in properties to be renovated.

Selling old houses or apartments in need of renovation can be more complex, especially if the energy performance is insufficient (properties with an EPC rating of F or G).

It's a challenge that we know how to tackle.

We accompany you with a winning 4-point strategy:

  1. Potential Projection

  2. Evaluation of the Work

  3. Customized Plan Design

  4. Energy Recommendation

Renovation Un Palmier dans la cour

Renovation Our experience with older and energy-inefficient properties

Transforming an old property is an opportunity to create a unique living space that combines the character of the past with contemporary comfort.

Together, we shape your project in 5 steps:

  1. List space and aesthetic requirements.

  2. Define the budget.

  3. Determine technical constraints.

  4. Establish the energy strategy.

  5. Develop the plans.

  6. Select the most qualified artisans for the project.

Apartment renovated by Un Palmier Dans La Cour in Paris

Rental Investment Search & Renovation of High-Potential Properties

For over 12 years, we have specialized in transforming properties in need of renovation for our clients' rental investments.

For them, we find the property with potential, renovate it, furnish it, and find the first tenant.

Old properties offer three major advantages:

  • Often premium locations,

  • Excellent purchase opportunities,

  • The possibility to create unique properties through renovation.

These standout properties make a difference in both rental and resale.

Apartment sold by Un Palmier Dans La Cour in Lyon.

Real Estate Hunting Old properties and energy sieves.

Old properties contain real estate gems if one knows how to envision and identify the limits.

Put us to the test to find your future home or rental investment: We love it!

We guide your choice based on four key criteria:

  • The evaluation of its value,

  • The projection of its potential,

  • The creation of before/after plans,

  • The recommendation of a relevant renovation budget for your project.

Studio renovated by Un Palmier Dans La Cour in Lyon

Rental Investment Search & Renovation of High-Potential Properties

Estimation is a strategic step, both for sales and renovation.

Evaluating the current value as well as the potential of the property after any work.

For the most realistic estimation possible

Our clients talk about us!

A woman in Paris

Professional, makes proposals consistent with needs and expectations. We save a lot of time, they make us offers of internet links of goods, commented video visits and a precious knowledge of the market. Thank you to exist !!!

Phanie R.

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