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We ask ourselves a lot of questions before selling our property.

Which agency? Why do fees vary so much?

The advice of an agency is precious, but you have to choose the one that best suits you, with which you will have a relationship of trust.

At Un Palmier Dans La Cour, Our approach is based on hand-stitched support combined with a complete method:

Know yourself and your property

Because it is essential to know your property on your fingertips and to know your goals to find you the best buyer.

The estimate

We have the most complete and efficient tools to support our estimates, photos and comparable property prices.

But these estimates are nothing without perfect knowledge of the market. We advise you on the best strategy to sell in the best conditions.


Without upsetting the interior of the accommodation, we reveal their personality by emphasizing their strengths with an attention to detail. Our photos are all taken by professional photographers who bring out the soul of the place and its neighborhood.


Because now the search for buyers begins at 80% on the Internet, the choice of dissemination sites and the proper use of social networks is essential: your property must be seen by all potential buyers, but too wide a distribution devalues your property. We choose the most suitable sites for impactful visibility.


A key moment. Your future buyer needs to be guided, listened to, reassured: we put all our sales experience into it. The perfect knowledge of the property coupled with our experience in renovation, allows us to answer each question with precision.

We stay by your side until the final signature

Visit reports, high availability, end-to-end advice so that, in the end, you are sure to select the right buyer, that is to say the one with all the guarantees.


Our Price

Simple, no surprise and among the cheapest on the market.

3.5% of the value of the property including tax


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