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10 Essential Criteria for Buying a Renovation House

Have you fallen for a renovation house and are considering purchasing it for transformation? At Un Palmier Dans La Cour, we share this passion for old properties in need of renovation. With 12 years of renovation experience, we have developed expertise in assessing the potential of these real estate properties. Precise evaluation is crucial for a successful renovation project.

Cour arborée maison en pierre Saint Didier Au Mont D'or
Cour maison ancienne

Une fenêtre ouvert à l'ouest garantit du soleil tout l'après midi.
Appartement lumineux à Paris
  1. Location: Location plays a crucial role. Sought-after or developing neighborhoods offer a better quality of life and a solid long-term investment.

  2. Natural Light: A well-lit house is more enjoyable. Examine the house's orientation, window size, and opportunities to add natural light while adhering to urban regulations.

  3. Layout and Extension Potential: Think about the future. The advantage of a renovation house lies in its ability to adapt to your current and future needs.

  4. Garden and Outdoor Spaces: Even a small outdoor space can be valuable if it provides peace and privacy. Check for visual and noise disturbances.

  5. Charm and Authenticity: Elements of character such as old fireplaces, stone walls, and beams add authenticity and charm.

  6. Accessibility and Amenities: Proximity to transportation, schools, and shops is essential for daily life.

On the constraint side, analyze 4 criteria:

Travaux de Rénovation d'un studio parisien
  1. Structural Integrity: Check the solidity of the roof and load-bearing walls, as signs of weakness can lead to costly repairs.

  2. Energy Efficiency: The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is crucial for obtaining a loan and determining the property's value. It indicates necessary improvements for better energy efficiency.

  3. Cracks and Moisture: Be attentive to significant cracks and signs of moisture, as they can indicate structural issues. Have the property inspected by a professional to assess the severity and cost of repairs.

  4. Sound Insulation and Urban Development: The noise level inside the house and nearby urban development projects can significantly impact your comfort. Take them into account, especially in older buildings.

Hauts plafonds, colonnes de pierres : des atouts anciens à valoriser dans la rénovation.


Buying an old house is a promising project, but it requires time and expertise to assess its potential. The team at Un Palmier Dans La Cour, with its dual expertise in sales and renovation, is ready to assist you in realizing your project in Paris or Lyon. Contact us on to discuss your plans and discover our achievements.


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