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Real Estate Hunting

Finding the best market opportunities takes time

And an energy often incompatible with your agenda. In addition, imagining the real potential of a good is not always simple.

We can be there for you at all stages of the process.

We have also extensive experience in supporting foreign customers.



We are looking for you

Entrust us with your research, on average, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to find (compared to more than 4 months on average for an individual).
We list with you all of the search criteria, taking care to identify those that are essential for you. Our role is also to guide you if your research is not realistic, not in the market.



No good escapes us

Our tools allow us to scan all goods in real time. Thanks to our network and our in-depth knowledge of the Parisian or Lyonnais real estate context, we can be the first to visit the most interesting properties which often sell for a few visits.

You only visit the properties that suit you.



We support you every step of the way

Advice on financing, selection of the property, reflection on its renovation when necessary, and support on all stages until the signing of the act of sale.

Our availability and responsiveness remains the same from start to finish.




Simple, no surprise, and among the cheapest on the market

€ 7,000 including tax for all goods less than € 350,000, 2% beyond.



Simple, sans surprise, et parmi les moins chers du marché 

7 500€ TTC pour tout bien inférieur à 350 000€, 2% au delà.

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Looking for a little corner of greenery for your weekends or your holidays?

Your dream may be within reach.

We did it!

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